Aspergers Support Groups: Delaware

The Autism Society of Delaware
Support group meetings that cover the autism spectrum, different ages, and functioning levels.
Visit Website:

Delaware Aspergers Support and Advocacy Group
Meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month at AI DuPont kid’s hospital at 10:00am.

Aspergers Delaware is a support and advocacy group for and by both parents of (or others with responsibility or interest in) kids and individuals who have Aspergers. In addition to those who have kids who are formally diagnosed as Aspergers, also included are individuals and parents impacted by related or concurrent items such as PDD-nos, HFA, and any similar groupings of Autism characteristics such as social skills deficits, auditory proceeding issues, sensory differentials, executive function differentials (attention and processing for examples), or any of the other close to 100 characteristics which can be are part of Autism genetics, for which the related experience and advocacy of Aspersers may be helpful.

Additionally clinicians, educators or others who wish to support or learn about Aspergers are welcome.

For additional information, directions, meeting room number or other questions please Email Address

The Ambitious Adults with Aspergers Social Group of Delaware (AAASGDE)

Valerie Loveless
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Call: 302-368-6980

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