Aspergers Support Groups: South Africa

South Africa
Aspergers Support Association for Parents (A.S.A.P.)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Christel Grant
Call: 27 11 475 8584
Call: 27 82 643 4125
Visit Website:

4 Responses to Aspergers Support Groups: South Africa

  1. Anusha says:

    Hello there, I would really like some assistance, I am looking for schools within Pretoria area that my 8 year daughter who has been diagnosed with Aspergers, can go to. Some help will be greatly appreaciated

  2. Atish says:

    Hi I’m 28 years old I’ve done research on asperges however I am seeing a psychiatrist after enduring a stroke on the right side of the brain which has caused a bi-polar type of syndrome and partial physical disabity to my left half. What would be my best approach to getting control of the above so I could have a more normal and balanced brain function

  3. Atish says:

    Hi finding a suitable partner that understands a person who has asperges is not impossible but a suitable and comforting relationship, I think would be enjoyable with a person diagnosed with asperges. So is there any single ladies that would be interested. Drop me a mail on atishjeenaatyahoodotcom chEers

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