Aspergers/Autism Support: Websites

*Ahead with Autism – Dedicated to raising awareness of ASD, improving the lives of people afflicted by Autism and educating professionals worldwide.
*Aspies for Freedom – Support group building an autistic culture and bringing ASD individuals together to help oppose abusive therapies.
*Autism Association for Overseas Families – Support groups for expatriate families with a youngster with an ASD.
*Autism Community Connection – Support group in Naperville Illinois – resources, forum, online newsletter, and links.
*Autism Friends – Support resource site for families.
*Autism – Provides information to moms/dads, doctors, teachers, tutors, caregivers, and anyone interested in learning more about autism and ASD.
*Autism Link – Online information on events, news, seminars, conferences, where to find help, support groups, and early intervention.
*Autism Network International – An autistic-run self-help and advocacy organization for autistic individuals.
*Autism USA – Community for moms/dads, caregivers and educators of people with autism.
*Autism-Comorbidity – Online group and mailing list for people who have, or are related to someone who has, an autistic spectrum disorder and one or more other disabilities or health conditions.
*Autistic Society – Support community for moms/dads and families, news, photo-art gallery, information and interactive features.
*BBB Autism – Positive support and information regarding autism, pdd, aspergers and all disorders under the spectrum.
*Extreme Enthusiasts – Promoting the bug hobby and increasing autism awareness.
*For Autistic Kids Foundation – Organization feature events and sponsor information to raise funds to broaden public awareness and understanding of autism and for the research of early detection.
*Interactive Autism Network – Designed to link researchers and families together through an online support community.
*MCASA: Montgomery County Maryland Chapter of the Autism Society of America -Advocacy, information referral and support.

* – Google’s #1 website for Asperger’s Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

* – Preventing meltdowns and tantrums in Aspergers children and teens.

*Open Doors – An information/support group for moms/dads and teachers of Aspergers and HFA kids in Southern California’s Inland Empire.

* – Mother of a child with Aspergers tells her story.

*Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome Contact Group – Support, advice and information to anyone involved with an individual diagnosed with PDA, a pervasive developmental disorder related to autism.
* – Community site and message board bringing together people together who are affected by autism.
*University Students With Autism And Aspergers Syndrome – Support and resources for students with autistic spectrum conditions in higher education. Advice on attending school and getting a job.
*Unlocking Autism – A Christian awareness and education organization.
*Wrong Planet – Online community and resource for those with Aspergers.

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