Aspergers Support Groups: United Kingdom (UK)

United Kingdom (UK)

Different World–

Different Worlds is a group of parents, caregivers, friends and relatives with a common link. We all have personal experience of Aspergers or other Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The group was set up by parents for parents and other caregivers etc to find, and, offer some badly needed mutual support in this very challenging and often distressing area of daily life. There was no other support or help available locally that catered for Aspergers so the decision was made to start our group in December 2003.

We meet monthly and invite guest speakers along to the meetings. We have had visits from Social Services, the Local Education Authority, Alternative Therapists re: dietary advice etc. We have write ups, photos, poetry, diagnosis criteria, and much more on our Site, and we actively encourage both adults and kids to write for us.

Lyn Sinclair
Visit Website:
Email Address:

The National Autistic Society in Wales (NASW)
William Knox House
Britannic Way
Llandarcy, Wales
West Glamorgan, SA10 6EL
Call: 01792-815915

The Scottish Society for Autistic Kids
SSAC Headquarters
Hilton House
Alloa Business Park
Whins Road
Alloa, FK10 3SA
Call: 01259-720044
Fax #: 01259-720051
Visit Website:
Email Address:

The Society for the Autistically Handicapped (U.K.)
199/201 Blandford Avenue
Bettering, Northants NN16 9AT
(01) 536 523274
Angela Gallacher
Fax #: (01) 536 523274
Visit Website:
Email Address:
Email Address:

The National Autistic Society (U.K.)
393 City Road
London EC1V 1NE
Call: 0171 833 2299
Email Address:

Autism Research Centre:
Autism Research Centre is looking for adults or kids who are diagnosed with AS to take part in a new genes project, along with their brothers and sisters.

This new worldwide study involves collecting a DNA sample and a questionnaire from individuals with Aspergers and their biological brothers and sisters. Providing a DNA sample is quick, easy and a completely painless process.

Aspergers (AS) Sib Pair Project
Cambridge University
Douglas House, 18b Trumpington Road
Cambridge CB2 2AH, UK

Sally Wheelright
Call: +44 (0)1223 746079
Visit Website:
Email Address:

3 Responses to Aspergers Support Groups: United Kingdom (UK)

  1. Tracey Dugmore says:

    Hello, my name is Tracey and I have a 19yr son with Aspergers.
    He has been extremely difficult throughout and I have dealt with his difficulties on my own, things have now got worse as he drinks alcohol which makes him very aggressive.He has always had an aggressive attitude and living with him as a single parent has been very challenging. Last night he had been drinking and because I said the wrong thing in his mind, he damaged my car and swore and made obcene hand gestures to me in the street,
    In the home I feel very intimidated and vulnerable by his outbursts
    Ihave received no support from his father whom he has always had contact, Ihave asked for support from GP but was told because he is an adult he has to seek support himself which he will not do.
    I have always supported my son over the years and have given him a lovely secure home, but I can no longer live this way, can you please advise,

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